About Multium Communications

what is multium?

Doug Gleave


Multium Communications exists to value the individual.


Multium envisages empowered communities, in charge of their own destiny.


The aim is to enable individuals and neighbourhoods to build a better personal future for themselves.


  1. to recognise, value and use all an individual's innate skills
  2. to work with technological developments without loosing traditional principles
  3. to help others to realise their own potential


Multium was established in 1973 - by a youthful Doug Gleave - for promoting multi-media art projects and for purchases; he's used it as a trading name ever since.

In 1977, following employment with the Decca Record Company and an Arts Centre, Doug undertook recording projects on a freelance basis. Multium Studios offered an 8 track recording studio, location recording, photography and multi-media presentation facilities. Early in the 80s, Doug was also responding to a demand for training in these skills, but most of his clients were in the private, commercial and corporate sectors. It was also becoming apparent that multi-media presentations could be used to support local and global environmental concerns.

Weathering Thatcher's recessions in the later 80s, encouraged Doug to diversify further. By 1989, he was designing and building unique inter-active environmental exhibits. To reflect training, environmental consultancy and multi-media production projects, the trading name was changed to Multium Communications. Most of MC's clients now come from the Voluntary and Statutory Sectors.

During the 90s, it became clear to Doug that it was people, not the environment that should become his focus. He worked with funds from the EU, SRB and Urban to offer community support through consultancies and audio-visual communications.

Current activities are focussed on consultancy, community participation and training. It's a quirk of his history that Doug's back in the recording studio again, this time training new engineers and also assisting young musicians make quality demo recordings ... some aspects of his 70s experience just won't die!!